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Enquire Benefits

Enquire will make your life easier for these reasons:
  • User details picked up from your central database - integrate Enquire with Windows Directory or User database so demographic and contact details are automatically picked up on every enquiry - makes collecting enquiry statistics automatic and consistent.
  • Web forms - ensure you get all the information you need when the enquiry is first submitted
  • Auto-replies and message templates - save time by using automated replies on receipt of enquiries and message templates for standard responses
  • Emails go straight into the system meaning the receipt time of enquiries is automatically recorded. Set up default deadlines to ensure you meet performance targets. Sort enquiries by deadline and priority to make sure you don't miss deadlines.
  • Share knowledge with other enquiry handlers. Searching for similar enquiries helps ensure you don't buy in the same expensive report or information again if it's already been purchased by your organisation.
  • Improve team productivity - enquiry handlers don't have to stop to enter enquiries into a separate spreadsheet or database - everything happens in the one enquiry tracking system.
  • Aggregated financial data can be imported into other finance systems without re-keying.
  • Multiple team functionality - each enquiry team can have their own web forms, inbox, work flows, responses, charging rates, etc - all in one installation.
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