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Enquire Features

  • Online enquiry form - Users can complete an online form to send a request to the enquiry desk.
  • Produce a detailed report of the enquiry.
  • Produce FAQs for users.
  • Ask and search feature.
  • Search tool for users and enquiry handlers to search the knowledge bank.
  • Full work log to record all stages of research undertaken.
  • Subject index enquiries so staff and users can find them by subject.
  • Full subject thesaurus editor.
  • User Directory.
  • Track progress on enquiries.
  • Stop watch for accurate time recording.
  • Review and monitor enquiries.
  • Re-assign enquiries.
  • URL checker.
  • Pre-configured management reports - time broken down by staff, cost sub-totaled by budget codes, analyse resources used, etc.
  • Twitter monitor
  • Chat integration
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